Engine Carbon Cleaning Dorset

Get the most from your car with our Chemical Free Engine Carbon Cleaning Service

Over time carbon deposits build up inside your engine and exhaust system. Using our advanced 'Hydroflow' equipment we can safely clean away these deposits in an environmentally friendly way without using chemicals, resulting in a better performing and healthier car. Carbon build up can cause a wide variety of vehicular problems: From smoky exhausts to lack of performance and reduced MPG, essentially the dirtier the engine is the greater the risk to key engine components.

Engine Carbon Cleaning Dorset Wear

Reduces excessive wear & tear

Carbon build-up can lead to excessive wear on key parts such as EGR valves, DPF systems and turbos.
Engine Carbon Cleaning Dorset Emssions

Reduces smoke & emissions

Removing Carbon deposits can reduce and lower emissions and smoke.

Engine Carbon Cleaning Dorset Performance

Restores engine performance

Lost power can be restored and your car can perform more smoothly and quietly after Engine Carbon Cleaning.
Engine Carbon Cleaning Dorset Efficiency

Restores engine efficiency

Many of our customers notice improved fuel efficiency following engine carbon cleaning.


In as little as 30 minutes we can safely reduce the carbon build up and deposits within your engine and exhaust.

With Hydroflow the dirtier the vehicle is the greater the effect a Hydroflow Carbon Clean can have in restoring your vehicles lost performance & efficiency

Engine Carbon Clean Dorset


The Process

The Hydroflow system offers the most effective Carbon Cleaning Solution using only water. This chemical free process has been proven to help reduce emissions and smoke for both Petrol & Diesel vehicles. Regular Carbon Cleaning can help prevent costly repairs and extend your vehicles engine life.

Full Workshop Facilities

As an established Renault Specialist in Poole we have decades of experience repairing & servicing most vehicle makes and models. We offer a variety of different services so get in touch today to book your car in where our team will be happy to help.

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Petrol Cars

£60 incl VAT

Diesel Cars

£100 incl VAT

When having your car serviced

Pay only £45 + VAT for the Engine Carbon Clean when carried out at the same time as having your car serviced!